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The founders of Green Filing, having spent several years providing services to attorneys and courts, particularly in the areas of access to court data, management of electronic court records, and in the implementation of electronic filing, believe that there has not been a product developed that truly promotes the convenience and ease of electronic filing. UNTIL NOW!

Green Filing's electronic court filing solution has been designed to simplify the filing process utilizing a filing interface that even the most novice computers users find simple to use. For this reason, among many others, we believe we have developed a product that will truly promote electronic filing and drive it's adoption and acceptance.

Each and every day, our customers (attorneys and legal staff), the companies or law firms they work for, and the ever important clients they represent will rely on our product to make their businesses run smoothly by delivering legal documents to courts and service recipients in a safe, secure, and reliable manner. We are proud, and honored, to do so.

While Green Filing is a small company, we have lofty goals - all aimed at providing the best service possible to our customers. While we place this extremely high importance on customer service and satisfaction, we aim to do so by providing a reliable product and streamlining support processes in all areas (online, by phone, and in person) avoiding a need to expand overhead and increase the cost of our product. In fact ... we are thrilled at the prospect of enhancing our product, adding new and improved features over time, and providing those features to our customers by default and at no extra charge.

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